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Invited Sessions and Mini-Symposia


Held on first day of Meeting, Oct. 14. Workshops are designed as a set of didactic talks on the given topics.

Invited Sessions

  • Nuclear Probes of Fundamental Symmetries
  • Understanding the Nuclear Interaction Across Scales
  • Spin, Sea Quarks and Femtography
  • Structure of Proton-Rich Nuclei
  • Particles, Nuclei and Stars via Beta Decay
  • Hydrodynamic Simulations of the QGP: Successes and Challenges
  • Alternative Career Paths for a Nuclear Physicist


  • Towards a US Electron Ion Collider: Physics, Accelerator, Detectors
  • Quantitative Understanding of QGP Properties
  • Search for the Critical Point
  • Lattice QCD for PDFs
  • Nuclear Physics and the r-Process in the Multi-Messenger Era
  • Particle Emission from Exotic Nuclei
  • Neutrino Properties and Interactions: Results, Challenges and Implications
  • Electrodisintegration Constraints on Astrophysical Radiative Capture Rates
  • Fundamental Symmetries: Experiment and Theory
  • Excited State Lifetime Measurements for Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics
  • Short Range Correlations and Bound Nucleon Structure Across Scales

After-Dinner Talk

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